Student Testimonials

I have been a part of the Yogastrength class for some time now and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a complete body work out in a very fun environment. The classes are a great blend of flexibility, strength and stability. Nishriin puts in a lot of thought designing each of her classes and gives personalized attention to every participant emphasizing on correct form and balance. Having tried a lot of different types of fitness methods YogaStrength remains one of my favorites.                                                                                                                                                              – Pratik Mehta

Fantastic teacher and also my college friend . Truly, Yogastrength has helping me in a lot of ways.
Doctors told me the liquid in my knees had dried up and I should not climb stairs but after joining Yogastrength I went for a trek to Nepal and climbed 18000 ft.
Vertigo, High blood pressure. All controlled. Thanks. Nishrin                                                              – Hamza Kachwala

Nishrin, you have inspired me to pursue yoga and my only worry is that I’ll never find a teacher as good as you! Wish I could take you with me! Will take classes every time I hit Mumbai! Thank you – Farida Grewal

A rejuvenated body and mind,now focused and determined at reaching my fitness goals.
Thank you my dear Nishrin for your gentle yet firm and relentless perseverance of enrolling me.
Love the mixed workouts of yoga, stretches, weights, Tibetan rights, tabata and cardio that you so mindfully yet effortlessly take us through….don’t like a missing single class! XOXOXO                           -Smita Sanghvi

My experience with Yogastrength has been wonderful. In the past I’ve joined many gyms and have not continued beyond 15 days. But with Nishrin its been 3 months and I’m still here!!! The best thing about her class is that it is not monotonous. In Nishrin’s class, every minute we are doing something different. If in one minute we are doing cardio then the next minute we are doing weights and then suddenly we shift to Tibetan rights. So many different things in one hour.
Thank you Nishrin for this super, fun, full of energy Yoga classes.                                                            -Mansi Mehta

My journey with Yogastrength has been for almost 3 years now, and yet every time, Nishrin, you have always kept us surprising with  innovative workouts . Nishrin, you are my inspiration, not only in my body strengthening, but also helping me to attain focus and persevere in all my goals ahead in life. Couldn’t have thanked God enough for bringing such a super, warm, strong, and inspiring teacher in my life .The beauty of this class is a constant momentum of energy that flows from the various workouts we do right from her evergreen warm up which is a must for everyone , Tabata, Tibetian Rights,static weight training,pilaties etc..This class is a perfect blend for mind n body rejuvenation. Thank you Nishrin for everything.                                                                                             -Sonal Dhadda

Thank you, Nishrin! Your positive energy has truly transferred to your students! I feel change in my mental and physical health…. That’s the reason I keep coming back to you…. Thank you for Yoga strength and different forms of workouts…. Love your class, thanks a ton.                                              – Kinjal Kothari

Can’t thank you enough for for all your Personalized attention , humble , TLC and pampering we get in every class since sooo many years..
Spirit of never giving up and pushing yourself little more never dies in Yogastrength . Every class is rejuvenating and never mundane.. And it’s been so since when I was the 1 st student. She keeps innovating new stretches and techniques which keeps me intrigued!!
Love her for what she is , the BESTEST yoga teacher !! God bless.                                                             –Namrata Shastri

I used to suffer from sciatic pain for nearly 20 years with constant visits to Orthopedics and had no sign of curing it but once I started training with you it was in few weeks I got cured and now I am able to train in Karate and weight training with practically no injures for last couple of years – I wish I could have started training earlier – and of course you give me enough motivation and competition to workout and stay fit and we enjoy working out together – Thank you                            -Hitesh Parikh

Yogastrength has made a hell of a difference in my life. Nishrin takes special interest in each one’s health and their issues, which is rare to find. Thanks, Nish, I have found a friend,philosopher, and a guide in you. Thank you for being in my life.                                                                                                  -Rashida Shakir

Nishu is and will always be my YOGA GURU . True are all the lovely things said about her but the best thing is she is with the class every day with her own personal touch n a one to one with all her students . Thank you for teaching and making it fun.                                                                                   -Farida Lokhandwala

When a great yogi walks into a room, their presence commands attention. Their energy can pick you up, it can make you feel at ease. It is not about mastering the most difficult pose or holding a headstand. Ultimately, being a good yoga teacher is about simply being a good teacher. What you get out of a Yoga class depends a lot upon the person teaching it . A good teacher can make all the difference . Good teacher wasn’t ab doing the perfect, most difficult pose it was ab having good energy and being passionate and sharing what u knew with others it is ab knowledge & authenticity and being of service . Physical skill, versatility, personalisation ,work and feel the room, adjustments l, warmth, fun,music, and language this is what “NISHRIN ” is with all this qualities you are a great teacher, Nishrin.                                                                                                                              -Vaishali Kadam